NAS 到了



  1. 成功上车蜗牛星际的 J1900 NAS 系统,简直就是买几箱送电脑。
  2. 昨晚尝试了一次早睡早起,今天中午没有睡午觉导致下午第一节课有些困,其他的一切正常,学习时间多出了许多,并且很有状态。
  3. 晚餐吃到了辣椒,先是感觉巨苦无比,接着是猛兽狂辣,辣出泪来,真实难受。



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spade n. 铁锹
furnace n. 炉子,熔炉,鼓风炉
oven n. 炉,烤箱
republican adj. 共合政体的,共和党的,共和党人


liberate vt. 解放
literature n. 文学作品,文学,文献,图书资料
adiquate adj. 足够的,可以胜任的
complaint n. 抱怨,怨言,控告


VOA NEWS Standard English
Title: 大批非洲移民顶风冒雪进入美加边境
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blizzard n. 暴风雪,大风雪;大打击 vi. 下暴风雪
magnet n. 磁铁,磁石,磁体 【是 e 不是 i



Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


Man, through the ages, has undergone many changes, from a period when he hunted for his food to the present era when man is dependent on preprocessed foods. During this period not only has man changed his mode of eating but his whole lifestyle as well. In pursuit of more in this competitive world, man no longer has time as he once had. He is caught in a race against the clock. A person who finishes more in lesser time is considered more efficient. This pressure to do more in less time has affected his eating habits as well and, as a result, man no longer has time to cook food. Early man’s only objective was to seek food to sustain him and his family. Nowadays finding food has taken a back seat to other priorities, such as career and education.

Food is no longer of that importance. This is not an encouraging trend. People are too dependent on preprocessed or precooked food, which no longer has the freshness it once had. Such foods loose their mineral and vitamin content and are not as healthy as fresh food. That is why the number of diseases is also rising. People have also shifted to high calorie content food like French fries, pizzas, and ice cream, etc., which is causing obesity, fatigue, etc. As man is becoming busy and too involved in his busy schedule, he has no time even to take care of his own personal needs.

Furthermore, cooking is an art which is dying out. People once enjoyed cooking . It was a means of eliminating stress and tension. People were once able to relax during this time and reflect on their lives.

People may tend to argue that by using precooked and preprocessed food they are efficiently using time and can use this precious time saved for other purposes. But is it really worth it? This is a question whose answer can invite much speculation about whether by saving this little time we are inviting lots of other problems, which could easily be avoided. It is actually making our lives not simpler but more complicated. We have lost many of the simpler things in our lives, like the simple acts of selecting our evening meal, preparing it, and enjoying it with our loved ones, and we are worse off for it.

蜗牛星际 NAS 上车成功【还有一丝惊喜



【1】矿渣小分队 篇一:矿渣小分队之蜗牛星际主板补件测试
【2】不到300,软路由+黑群晖(蜗牛星际 J1900)
【4】j1900 nas 篇一:终于赶上了19年的第一车,j1900 nas,买机箱送主板,蜗牛星际htpc


就像很多测评里面说的,买机箱,送主板内存CPU,还带一块辣鸡 SSD。重要的是,我在看评测的时候,大家的都是积了几斤灰的伊拉克成色,而我收到的机子很干净,并且内部也基本没有灰尘,纽扣电池干净的发亮。只有在风扇口那里有些许灰尘。应该是一台轻量使用。感觉赚了!


既然有了 NAS,那不上最强 NAS 系统怎么可以?当然要上黑群晖呀~!
上了黑裙之后,那就要把 K2P 刷荒野无灯上一波 ipv6了,做一波内网穿透,发挥黑裙的真实实力。正好有一只腾讯云的小鸡,废物利用。


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